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Phormula Go

We are an organization which specializes in Marketing & Communication in the Health sector, with a focus on the market and results. We are part of the PHORMULA group, which gives us access to 360º services to implement projects from scratch.

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Phormula thinking

Our mindset is defined by a constant need to learn and improve. We believe that it is through learning that we improve processes and evolve in the search for better solutions.

As suchour way of operating includes 5 key steps that allow us to constantly evolve.

1. PREPARE: The first phase requires good preparation. It includes researching and identifying methods, processes, and resources to move us towards execution. Preparation is critical for minimizing errors, planning, and ensuring the project achieves the desired goals.

2. PERFORM: With the right resources allocated, expertise and great responsiveness we are prepared to present solutions. We have a multidisciplinary, specialised, and experienced team to ensure that implementation processes make a difference.

3. ANALYSEQuantitative and qualitative analysis is what guides us towards the proposed objectives. We have tools that allow us to analyse and generate essential conclusions for the learning process and continuous improvement in each project.

4. LEARN: Our internal processes ensure that knowledge is transferred to the team involved, in the most diverse areas of the company, always with the aim of evolving. As a company with an innovative character, we are pioneers in many things, which makes the knowledge base sometimes scarce and starting in-house. It is at this stage that we guarantee that information is transformed into knowledge, quickly becoming an asset.

5. IMPROVE: Our mindset reflects a continuous search for improvement in our projects. The previous points are the support so that, at this stage, we have arguments to improve the projects and initiatives in which we are involved. We do not settle, and as a group we seek to invest in solutions that allow us to improve and evolve.

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